Friday, June 5, 2009

Thanks For Your Support for the Maine Wicked Long Run 2009 + Event Summary!

I personally had a great time on the Maine Wicked Long Run with Hogan. We both had to lean on each other for support along the way and neither of us could have done it without the other. I can't believe that we said we would take this challenge on and complete it as we had planned. There certainly was plenty of opportunity for things to fall apart on this journey but we had each other, the Camp CaPella cause, and some wicked great support from family, old friends and new friends along the way.

Trip Highlights

Day 1 Fort Kent to Caribou
  • The start in Fort Kent at the International Bridge.
  • This trip was unplugged... no tv, radio or ipods.
  • The first donor we came across in Fort Kent asked us if we were going to the family reunion this summer. Hogan and I need to take another road trip to Fort Kent to visit some long lost Marquis' relatives.
  • Hogan could not believe the size of the hills leaving Van Buren toward Houlton.
  • Arriving in Caribou we realize we left our tent poles in Fort Kent. We put our bike trailer in the tent so that we could still lay in it for the night. The tent laid on us like a blanket and Hogan cut his way out with a leatherman knife in the morning.
  • 70 miles for the day
  • 26.2 miles to start the day in 3:28:43
Day 2 Caribou to Houlton
  • Mars Hill off in the distance for what seemed like 30 miles. It's no wonder that some of the states best runners are from the Aroostook County. These hills are nasty.
  • Houlton Pizza Hut. We munched down on salad, salad, more salad and pasta like there was no tomorrow. The waiter could not keep enough water on the table for us. We ate with Houlton friend Dave Bates who I met the previous weekend at the Sugarloaf Marathon. Very nice guy who also ran 6-7 miles with us.
  • 51 miles for the day and 121 total.
  • 26.2 miles to start the day 3:43:21
Day 3 Houlton to Lincoln
  • Hogan Tire was spotted one mile into the run. I thought it would be good picture to edit to indicate Hogan TireD.
  • Haynesville Woods, flies, no stores for miles and getting chased by dogs numerous times.
  • Hogan stopped just long enough to make each of us a tuna wrap sandwich with crushed up Fritos corn chips adding some flavor. His stop looked like a Nascar pit stop as I continued running. I ran by him and his leg looked like it was covered in fur but it just some flies looking for a bite to eat.
  • Saw my parents as we were approaching Lincoln. Very nice to getting close to home base and leaving Aroostook County.
  • Hogan and I ate Big Macs like we had not seen food for days.
  • Slept at my parents oil business in Lincoln.
  • Another Hogan Tire spotted in Lincoln about 68 miles down the road from the Houlton version.
  • 70 miles for the day for 191 total.
  • Marathon 26.2 to start the day 3:57:23
Day 4 Lincoln to Old Town
  • Met a lot of friends and family along the way.
  • Ran with wife Gina for the last 3 miles.
  • Slept in my own bed for the night.
  • 36 Miles for a total of 227 miles.
  • Marathon 26.2 to start the day 3:56:21.
Day 5 Old Town to Ellsworth
  • Stopped by several local stores in Old Town with Camp CaPella flyers.
  • 22 miles completed with brother Tim.
  • Stopped at the U-Maine campus
  • Stopped at General Electric to an amazing support for the run from coworkers.
  • Stopped by Dedham Elementary for and met a lot of very enthusiastic kids.
  • Stopped Camp CaPella at Phillips Lake
  • Finished the day with the Kirby Family in Ellsworth and a visit to Pat's Pizza. Desert were some homemade cookies made by Kate G. Kate and her husband have both beat me in road races in Maine and I don't think I could beat her cookies either.
  • 47 Miles for a total of 274 miles.
  • Marathon to start the day 3:56:40
Day 6 Ellsworth to Camden
  • 2+ miles completed with Stephen Kirby to start the day.
  • Most difficult day yet. Cold rain most of the day met up with fellow Crow Athletic runners Gary Allen and Mary Ropp in Stockton Springs.
  • Met Fritz Lyon in Belfast. He did a lot of PR work to spread the word about Camp CaPella. Very nice man and he provided inspiration throughout the entire 10-day run.
  • Met Sally and Tony of Camden who invited us to stay in their guest house and made us dinner. What a way to end the most difficult day of the entire trip.
  • 58 miles for the day and 332 total miles.
  • Marathon to start the day 4:22:36

Day 7 Camden to Whitefield
  • Woke up to a phone call from the Ric Tyler and George Hale Morning radio show. Fritz forgot to tell us they would be calling until 3 hours after the fact.
  • Another long day of running in the rain.
  • Met one of the most interesting people of the whole run, Forrest Peaslee. Reminded me of my father. He owns several businesses in Jefferson and put us up for a night at his ranch. Great conversation with Forrest that Hogan and I will remember forever. Very nice man with a big heart. Absolutely one of my favorite stops.
  • 38 miles for the day and 370 total miles.
  • Marathon to start the day 4:23:45
Day 8 Whitefield to Freeport
  • Got encouragement from Secretary of State of Maine Matt Dunlap.
  • Pulled over by a police cruiser in Topsham that turned out to be Hogan's girlfriend's dad. Hogan thought I might have got pulled over for a roadside pee break.
  • Saw Hogan's girlfriend Laura and stayed the night at her parents house. Excellent dinner prepared by Laura's mom Susan and carbs served up by her dad Tim.
  • 50 miles for the day and 420 total miles.
  • Marathon to start the day 4:57:47. 8th day in a row with a marathon to start the day but also the last running.

Day 9 Freeport to Biddeford
  • Started the day in Freeport and Hogan carried me through most of it.
  • Met up with brother Steve in Portland for 22 miles
  • Stopped by Dairy Queen for an cone.
  • Stayed with Brother Steve's family in Saco with a nice campfire.
  • Miles for the day 38 and total 458 miles.
Day 10 Biddeford to Portsmouth
  • Hogan carried me through another day.
  • 500 miles completed Fort Kent to Portsmouth NH and back to Bob's Clam Hut.
  • Clams galore at Bob's Clam Hut.
  • Last day 42 miles for a 10-day total of 500 miles.

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