Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 27: August 26, 2010 - completed 36 miles today - DONE!!!!!

Thanks Karen at Comfort Suites! We had a great last night's rest. Starting in Brunswick, GA... 35 miles to FL.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 26: August 25, 2010. Completed 57.7 miles today - 30 of which Hogan ran.. yes he did more than Roger!! In Brunswick, GA for the night (not Maine). 35 miles tomorrow should finish the journey!!

James and Melissa Flowers... our prayers are with Melissa, newly diagnosed with lung cancer after fighting off breast cancer. Keep fighting!

Ed Dauphin and Leona Dauphin... BOTH Cancer SURVIVORS!!

George and Sheneeka... new friends in Darien, GA.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 25: August 24, 2010. Completed 32 miles today. The guys tried to stay dry but it rained "ALOT" today. Staying in Midway, GA tonight...

Many thanks to the folks at The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront for supporting the guys and giving them a room for the night after their longest running yet (Day 24).  Hogan said..."On top of the world! At the Bohemian - rooftop picture with Lisa Coyle." 

Rested runners... are happy runners!  The guys are glad to be done with the TENT... they also got rid of their sleeping bags and several pairs of worn out sneakers - the finish line is within sight!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 24: August 23, 2010. Completed 77 miles!! The guys started early from Jacksonboro, NC and ran all day, with few stops to get to Savannah, GA for the night!

The picture is dark because it is late -- but the guys made it to GA today for their longest running day of the trip!

The guys love the roadside munchies
Again... another dark sign .. look close - Welcome to Georgia!


After spending the night of day 22 on the ground, in the TENT or at the "Marquis Hilton" - as Hogan calls it.  The guys decided the good old "Cheapo" tent needed a new home... it now resides in the dumpster behind "El Cheapo's Garage" in Jacksonboro, SC... fitting place if Hogan does say so himself.  


60 miles to Savannah

Roger and Ricky -- so many new friends that have helped the guys on the way!

Sherry and Joy... brought the guys COLD water. Awesome!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 23: August 22, 2010. Completed 40 miles today.

Tired feet need new sneakers -- the guys took a pit stop at a mall in
Charleston to get some new sneakers for the rest of the trip
Thanks Brian from Dick's Sporting Goods... hooked us up. New Asics 2150s, gels, and 5 hour energy shots.

Roger --- believe it... you are doing it !!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 22; August 21, 2010. Completed 57 miles today. Started in Georgetown, SC -- ended in Mount Pleasant, SC

Again tonight -- Many Thanks to Carol at the Sleep Inn in Mount Pleasant, SC for setting the guys up with a room.  Choice Hotels have been great to the guys on their journey south!!

Huge THANK-YOU to Regina at Quality Inn in Georgetown, SC for arranging for a free night for the guys at your hotel.   Your kindness is greatly appreciated!!!
At the hotel planning the days route! 

The guys are meeting alot of fellow runners along the way  --Erik Evans, Dan Eres, and Danny Fraley... all from Richmond, VA. These guys are runners... Hogan wondered if next year 
they will take over.

Briggs Dickerson... owner of Peaches Corner on the corner of 9th and Ocean in Myrtle Beach. Meals on the HOUSE. 
Great food and great people - THANKS Briggs.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 20: August 19, 2010. Completed 58 miles. Starting in Wilmington, NC -- ended at Little River -- South Carolina!!!

South Carolina -- they made it!!   Staying (again) at a Sleep Inn -- hoping to do more "sleeping in" tomorrow before another long day! 

The guys would not have made it far with out the help of Phillip Lancaster.  Phillip is quite the handy man and helped the guys repair the bike trailer tires....  HUGE THANKS to Phillip!!!!

More new friends - Jackie and Lale... met them outside Walmart in  Shallotte, NC

Carolina Coast Online -- Click this link for another News story on the Wicked Long Run in Morehead City, NC --Father-son team treks to raise cancer funds

Photo by (Dylan Ray photo) - Carolina Coast Online

Thanks Sleep Inn!
The guys are "sleeping in" today... catching up on some needed rest.

Quote for the day from Cool Running Facebook fan page:

‎"Those who say it can't be done should not interrupt the ones doing it" -Unknown

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 19: August 18, 2010. Completed 35 miles today. Starting the day in Snead Ferry NC made it to Wilmington, NC and calling it a day!!

The guys are in good spirits.... even though they both have rashes from the heat!!  Hogan says...."This was their toughest day yet... and it was the shortest!"   Spending tonight in a hotel... Many Thanks to the nice people at the Sleep Inn in Wilmington for the price break on a room for the night!!    Next door to the hotel --- Olive Garden --- Roger says... "Endless Pasta Bowl here we come!!" (see picture below)

"When the moon hits your eye... Like a big-a pizza pie. That's amore!"
Matthew and Beth... from New York. Matt is a Marine!

Hogan said, " We got another complimentary room Tuesday night at the Marquis Hilton...and a very scenic view!" 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 18: August 17, 2010: Complete 65 miles and still running... YES Started day in Davis, NC and now still running in the cooler night temps through Camp Lejeune. Completed the day with 76 miles ending in Snead Ferry NC for the night.

Fueling up before their late night push through Camp Lejeune

 Lizzy Laurence of Swansboro, NC.
Message I received from Lizzy on Facebook...  "Just thought you might want to hear that they are doing well. I gave them a take-out dinner that I had just gotten of "spicy curry shrimp" to help them with their re-fueling. I tried to talk them into stopping for the night and enjoying a swim in my pool - but they were motivated to push on.

It was an honor to meet them both and I'm so impressed with their commitment to the cause and with their abilities."

Thank-you Lizzy for helping Roger and Hogan tonight!!!   


Starting in Davis, NC. Yesterday was a 47 mile day even with 3 and a half hours of ferrys.
Getting ready for the day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 17: August 16, 2010: Completed 47 miles today. Started in Cape Hatteras, NC ending for the day in Davis, NC.

Today was a difficult day for the guys.   They wanted me to extend a huge Thank-you to a couple named Daniel and Arianna who stopped when no one else would and gave the guys 4 waters and a couple PowerBars.  Their kindness will not be forgotten!!  And next time... the guys will be sure to find out if they
need to run 20 miles... just to find the next store!! 

Also, Roger and Hogan want to Thank Wanda at JD Place ... a store in Davis, NC... she helped the guys find a place to put their tent tonight... once again next to the Volunteer Firestation!!!  

Ocracoke,  NC Ferry - leaving the Outer Banks

The Poulins from Winchester VA... thanks for the ice cold waters!

Another new friend -- Sherri from Diamond Shoals

Hatteras water tower.

Donate to ACS today!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 16: August 15, 2010: Completed 56 miles. Started today in Kill Devil Hills, NC finished in Cape Hatteras, NC.

Will Gray - Hatteras Island Comfort Inn. Thank-you for 
putting the guys up for the night!!

Wayne... just passed his one year Cancer-free anniversary... 
He is a new friend and a SURVIVOR!
Hogan writes... Dick Manskers - check out the Lees! 
Buxton, NC (OBX)

Kill Devil Hills Fire Department!!  Thanks for giving Roger and Hogan a safe place to stay for the night.  What a great bunch of guys!!

Meredith Russell and  Marilyn Ebaugh... great new freinds
and both Cancer SURVIVORS!!
Jack (Dad), Abigail, Bridget, Carolyn, Dianna, Danielle (Mom)
the James family.. and lots of carriages!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 15: August 14, 2010: Completed 54 miles today. Started in Moyock, NC - ended for the day at Kill Devil Hills, NC.

Thanks to the Firefighters at Kill Devil Hills!!  They offered Roger and Hogan a place to stay for the night.  Hot shower, nice bed and a place to do laundry.   

More new friends! 

Outer Banks!!!

Kitty Hawk, NC

Greg Fulk from Indy... thanks for the power strip! The people you meet in McDonald's!!

Roger .. "Where we stayed last night.  Our tent, under a big tent.. with lots of furniture and cushions!!" 
In the words of Hogan,  " Krispy Kreme... breakfast of champions."