Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UPDATE: wickedlongrun.com and MDI Marathon


Roger speaking at the MDI Marathon Pasta Party.
Hi Everyone,

This Fall my Dad and I have continued to represent WLR. There is just something special about putting on the WLR t-shirts and running. My Dad has done a few marathons since our big trip. In October We had the honor of being asked to be the guest speakers at the Mount Desert Island Marathon. Volunteering at the finish line and seeing all of the finishers was inspiring. I even got the chance to give Dad his silver cape when he finished.

WLR now has a REAL domain name. Right now I'm working on getting the site up and running. We have a basic site up right now with links to the Facebook, Twitter, and blog pages.

Hogan speaking at the MDI Marathon Pasta Party.
I can say that it is my hope to continue doing work as wicked long runner/ fundraiser. Dad and I have thought about creating a foundation to keep this cause going. Doing the WLR the past couple years has renewed my faith in people. Meeting people and getting the chance to make a difference has been a privilege. If it takes running a ridiculous amount of miles to recharge my life every Summer, than we will keep this thing going. My Dad likes to say that there is "magic in the misery". I couldn't agree more. Look out for the "magical misery tour" next year.

Thanks for the support,

MDI Marathon Finish (Roger, Gina, Alaina, and Hogan).


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