Monday, August 8, 2011

Wicked Long Time, No See.

Wow. It's been a while and a lot of new things have happened. I'm going to just jot down a quick list, and I'll elaborate on some of the bullets later.
  • Started "One-A-Day Challenge 2011" with Marquis Family and friends. Currently 3 people in the family have run at least one mile a day for the entire year (Roger, Regina, and Robert Marquis). Tim Marquis and I both messed up a day and are going for the "364/365 Challenge". Congrats to the people who are still left.
  • Roger Marquis got a PR at Boston Marathon.
  • I finished my first marathon, and qualified for the Boston Marathon. I ran a 3:09:15 at Sugarloaf Marathon.
  • I ran Pineland Farms 50k and won my age group. I ran Great Cranberry Island with Roger, Tim, and Steve Marquis and we all had great times.
  • I completed the 100 Mile Wilderness Trail Challenge in 37 hours, 51 minutes, 42 seconds.

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