Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 14: August 13, 2010: Completed - 50 miles today ( not including the tunnel ) Started in Machipongo, VA. ending for the night at Moyock, NC

Made it to Moyock, North Carolina for the night!  
North Carolina!! Thanks Amanda and Jasmine...

Danielle, Celia, and Shelby - new friends in NC
Carolina BBQ Dinners -- a runners feast - southern style!

Going strong at VA Beach ... and still going -- heading to NC!

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.  (Another bridge!!) Thanks to Melissa Long... for arranging a ride across! The Chief and Officer Long made it possible for Roger and Hogan to get across the Bay and not have to swim!  

Roger and Hogan want to say "Thanks" to State Rep Albert Pollard (VA) and his wife Mariah for a great place to stay last night.  He and his family were very welcoming! 

Albert and his kids
Albert and Mariah Pollard

Albert at his home located on a creek that is part of the Chesapeake Bay!


  1. Albert and Mariah, Thanks for taking care of Roger and Hogan. Our entire family really appreciates it

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  3. Albert, in his weekly letter, wrote about your trip. One quote from that letter sticks with me: "This country is filled with everyday people doing amazing and
    remarkable things. One day, I believe our politics will start to meet
    the quality of the people who make up the body politic.

    But until then, we all need to be a little patient and focus on the
    ordinary yet remarkable people around us. "

  4. Hi I met your brother and sister in law at the Reba Concert on Sat..they are really nice people..because of them we will donate to this..please say hello to them..didn't get their email addy but they are going to send us pictures of the concert..its Kathie and Dave from Marlow, for doing such a great fund raiser...