Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 24: August 23, 2010. Completed 77 miles!! The guys started early from Jacksonboro, NC and ran all day, with few stops to get to Savannah, GA for the night!

The picture is dark because it is late -- but the guys made it to GA today for their longest running day of the trip!

The guys love the roadside munchies
Again... another dark sign .. look close - Welcome to Georgia!


After spending the night of day 22 on the ground, in the TENT or at the "Marquis Hilton" - as Hogan calls it.  The guys decided the good old "Cheapo" tent needed a new home... it now resides in the dumpster behind "El Cheapo's Garage" in Jacksonboro, SC... fitting place if Hogan does say so himself.  


60 miles to Savannah

Roger and Ricky -- so many new friends that have helped the guys on the way!

Sherry and Joy... brought the guys COLD water. Awesome!!

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