Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 17: August 16, 2010: Completed 47 miles today. Started in Cape Hatteras, NC ending for the day in Davis, NC.

Today was a difficult day for the guys.   They wanted me to extend a huge Thank-you to a couple named Daniel and Arianna who stopped when no one else would and gave the guys 4 waters and a couple PowerBars.  Their kindness will not be forgotten!!  And next time... the guys will be sure to find out if they
need to run 20 miles... just to find the next store!! 

Also, Roger and Hogan want to Thank Wanda at JD Place ... a store in Davis, NC... she helped the guys find a place to put their tent tonight... once again next to the Volunteer Firestation!!!  

Ocracoke,  NC Ferry - leaving the Outer Banks

The Poulins from Winchester VA... thanks for the ice cold waters!

Another new friend -- Sherri from Diamond Shoals

Hatteras water tower.

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  1. It was nice talking with you both @ Diamond Shoals. I think it is amazing what you guys are doing! Have a safe run and relax on your down time!