Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 3: August 2, 2010 - complete - roughly 50 miles

Milford MA... 6 miles on the day. Pit stop at DD.  Will be traveling Rt. 16 on our way to Douglas, MA.

 Things are going great!   Just entering Dudley, MA.  Will be in CT soon.  Thanks to all who are able to donate to the American Cancer Society.   They are working as I type to correct the problem with names and donations showing on our site, we hope it will be fixed soon.  Thanks to everyone for your support!

 Made it to Connecticut!

 Thanks for the support Nancy Edmondson & Jeff Frechette at Woodstock Valley Country Store!! Best stop of the trip... no question.

Thanks to Jane & Charlie from Peppertree Campground.  We are staying here for the night.  Thanks for your generosity and check them out on Facebook.  You guys rock!
Still figuring our total miles for today.  Will post in the morning.


  1. You guys are incredible, we have a quote on our web site, www.AT20MILLES.COM, " you dig deep, you fight back, you keep believing " all the way to Florida....

  2. Rooting for you & enjoying the updates. Keep up the good work,you guys are amazing.