Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 16: August 15, 2010: Completed 56 miles. Started today in Kill Devil Hills, NC finished in Cape Hatteras, NC.

Will Gray - Hatteras Island Comfort Inn. Thank-you for 
putting the guys up for the night!!

Wayne... just passed his one year Cancer-free anniversary... 
He is a new friend and a SURVIVOR!
Hogan writes... Dick Manskers - check out the Lees! 
Buxton, NC (OBX)

Kill Devil Hills Fire Department!!  Thanks for giving Roger and Hogan a safe place to stay for the night.  What a great bunch of guys!!

Meredith Russell and  Marilyn Ebaugh... great new freinds
and both Cancer SURVIVORS!!
Jack (Dad), Abigail, Bridget, Carolyn, Dianna, Danielle (Mom)
the James family.. and lots of carriages!

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