Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 19: August 18, 2010. Completed 35 miles today. Starting the day in Snead Ferry NC made it to Wilmington, NC and calling it a day!!

The guys are in good spirits.... even though they both have rashes from the heat!!  Hogan says...."This was their toughest day yet... and it was the shortest!"   Spending tonight in a hotel... Many Thanks to the nice people at the Sleep Inn in Wilmington for the price break on a room for the night!!    Next door to the hotel --- Olive Garden --- Roger says... "Endless Pasta Bowl here we come!!" (see picture below)

"When the moon hits your eye... Like a big-a pizza pie. That's amore!"
Matthew and Beth... from New York. Matt is a Marine!

Hogan said, " We got another complimentary room Tuesday night at the Marquis Hilton...and a very scenic view!" 

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  1. no contact info guys! what if i got you a warm bed and a roof over your heads for the night in wilmington? interested? i'm going to email hogan via facebook if you are! keep yer heads down and plow through fellas!