Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 10: August 9, 2010. Got an early start... heading to Cape May... or as close as we can get.

That's 31 for Dad and 20 miles for me... so far. No sleep till Cape May. It had to be the singlet. CAW CAW CAW!
Randy Christofferson... an IRONMAN. This guy knows the deal.

What do you do if the Bridge is out...?
Yeah... it was for real.
Beesley's Point Bridge... washed out bridge. It was in the middle of our Rt. 9 South path. Showed up as OK on Google maps. Literally no other way around but catching a ride. Jonathan Wilson saved us. He swooped in and saved the day. Island Taxi LLC all the way!
Jonathan Wilson... you saved us.

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  1. He's just that type of guy..ear infection and all!