Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 18: August 17, 2010: Complete 65 miles and still running... YES Started day in Davis, NC and now still running in the cooler night temps through Camp Lejeune. Completed the day with 76 miles ending in Snead Ferry NC for the night.

Fueling up before their late night push through Camp Lejeune

 Lizzy Laurence of Swansboro, NC.
Message I received from Lizzy on Facebook...  "Just thought you might want to hear that they are doing well. I gave them a take-out dinner that I had just gotten of "spicy curry shrimp" to help them with their re-fueling. I tried to talk them into stopping for the night and enjoying a swim in my pool - but they were motivated to push on.

It was an honor to meet them both and I'm so impressed with their commitment to the cause and with their abilities."

Thank-you Lizzy for helping Roger and Hogan tonight!!!   


Starting in Davis, NC. Yesterday was a 47 mile day even with 3 and a half hours of ferrys.
Getting ready for the day!

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  1. Way to go guys! Keep it up, 80 plus degrees, needing water, every runner knows your digging deep.

    " You dig deep, you fight back, you keep believing" AT20MILES.COM
    Good luck guys,