Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 8: August 7, 2010 - completed 50 "ROUGH" city miles today. Thought about stopping at 30 but Hogan got a second wind & took us another 20. Started in Newark ended in Farmingdale, NJ. We wil now follow the Jersey Shore.

We got a place to stay for the night from some great guys from Louisiana. Gotta go visit them and have some crawfish.

Mason Palmatier showed up today... he's trying to get us out of NJ.  Thanks Buddy! 

Amanda, thanks for stopping! People like you keep us going.
After 30 miles -- Good Times and Bad Times... the story of NJ. It was looking
bad, but we're coming out of it.

Stefanie, Will, Jessica, and us... NJ people are sweet!                                        

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