Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 4: Completed -- 59 miles today. Remember that Hogan & Roger post progress updates during the day on Twitter -- please check them out at http://twitter.com/WLR4ACS. You do not need an account on (Twitter) just go to their site WLR4ACS.

Early start today.  Chaplin, CT... trying to get close to New Haven, CT by the end of the day.  Schedule today --  Chaplin to Willamantic to Middletown to New Haven! 

Made it to Middletown, CT.  ALOT of hills today!! 

 Great food stop for us in Durham... met some great new friends! 

Heath Andranovich and @marri6 at Carmine's...GREAT people and AWESOME pizza!

 Brian Curry from Coke, you're the man! Thanks for the support! Stopping at 
Carmine's Pizza in Durham, CT.

Will Dellacamera... thanks for the camping hookup.  Spending night in Northford, CT
Mileage for today -- 59 miles -- had a great day, met a bunch of great people!!  Running smart & staying healthy. Drinking, at least, 2 gallons (each) of water a day!   

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