Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 15: August 14, 2010: Completed 54 miles today. Started in Moyock, NC - ended for the day at Kill Devil Hills, NC.

Thanks to the Firefighters at Kill Devil Hills!!  They offered Roger and Hogan a place to stay for the night.  Hot shower, nice bed and a place to do laundry.   

More new friends! 

Outer Banks!!!

Kitty Hawk, NC

Greg Fulk from Indy... thanks for the power strip! The people you meet in McDonald's!!

Roger .. "Where we stayed last night.  Our tent, under a big tent.. with lots of furniture and cushions!!" 
In the words of Hogan,  " Krispy Kreme... breakfast of champions."


  1. love the obx... jealous! enjoy those dunes for a minute, would ya?

  2. Met Roger in Mcdonald's on Aug 12-was dripping wet from the rain. I admire both you and your son's courage- Good luck and God speed!