Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 9: August 8, 2010: Completed 50 miles today. Woke up to rain on the tent ... well maybe it was sprinklers.

Tori & Priscilla Barden! Cancer survivor & her daughter. Great people in NJ!
 The Barden Clan... Bayville, NJ. What a great stop

We meet so many great people along the way...
Kristen and Michael
Monique and Kevin... Bayville NJ.

American Cancer Society - make a pledge today!!


  1. I ran into you guys as you were going on the George Washington Bridge on Friday and I was coming off the bridge on my bike. My son Conor was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago and has just had his 2nd treatment of chemo. Good luck on your journey. Raise lots of money and Livestrong.

  2. My mom and I just saw you guys about an hour ago in front of the Lacey Shopping Center in Lanoka Harbor, NJ as we were pulling in. My aunt/mom's sister-in-law just passed away last October of breast cancer. We wish you both the best on your journey and thank you for all of your efforts during your run. We just made a donation - Hope you reach your goal!!! Diane and Kristine

  3. You guys KICK ASS! You're crazy-awesome Hogan, I don't know how you do it but don't ever stop. Hope the rest of NJ goes smoothly.