Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 13: August 12, 2010. Completed 50 miles today. They had an early start from New Church, VA, ran in the rain today and stopped for the night in Eastville, VA .

Jason Chance (New Church, VA)... new friend.. tri-athlete, and
  marathoner. Hogan says... and I quote "Dude is an ANIMAL!" 

This one is for Ben and Sam Marquis.  This is where the guys are at -  using the Silly Bandz map!   

Note from Hogan... "Party time is over. Rain, wet feet and blisters.  Dad's feet look like a mess!"  

Note from Roger... "My feet always look like a mess!" 

Check out more online news stories as the guys make 
their way south

Shore News Today - Online News story -- From Maine to Florida, father and son going the distance against cancer

Make a donation to American Cancer Society today by clicking on this link

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  1. I saw you guys on the Eastern Shore today! Way to go! My question are you getting across the water?!?! =)